Friday, March 10, 2006

it's been too long 2

one blink of an eye and is march 2006.
holiday, what holiday. busy doing nothing and everything.
already we have over 1/4 of the students we need for 2006. i wonder if we'll get the other 30 over the next 9 months. i wonder if i'll have a job in 2007, only time will tell and there isn't a lot of that to go round.

talk soon (i promise)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

it's been too long

what a couple of weeks.
it's been so hectic at work i just haven't had the time to get anything down.
work christmas party last night, and all the board behaved themselves as did the staff. i'm going to start on next year's programs next week, just a continuation of what we did last year,but with some e-learning tasks thrown in, and more studio stuff.

at a personal level i am pretty happy with what we did this year at MYDU, especially the new learning protocols, photoshop and the studio. hopefully next year will be even better.
i'll by a new computer after january 1st, and upgrade some of the older ones with more ram and better video cards........e-learning here we come.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

show me the money

ever tried to build a recording studio from the (almost) ground up?
well if you haven't, DON"T.

jesus h tapdancin' christ this is costing me a fortune. i just finished paying for my two la2a's and all up it was nearly $5000.00. That's serious cash, and the only person that really gives a shit is me. it's not the money spent, just the realisation that if i had'nt spent it no one would have really cared one way or the other.........shit, shit, shit.

but gee, they sound great, and boy do they compress??!!!!!
julie calls them my impressors (she a funny girl).

wait a minute, i really love these things, disregard all that i've said.

till next week

to rah

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

time for my weekly blog

yes, it's that time again, put pen to paper (well sort of) and relieve myself of my inner most thoughts.

1. looking forward to doing my assignment before friday i bet all w-w-bloggers are feeling the same way
2. looking forward to the weekend when assignment will have been handed in.
3. photo stories are looking good, we are about to start on our most ambitious yet, a photostory on the area around MYDU- we have some history of the area courtesy of Maitland Council and i'm about to compose some theme music in the studio for the story- everyone here will be involved in some way, so it will be a great finish to the year.
4. started work on a new set of compositions for myself. i've decided to write a mass (in both latin and english). mass in e minor, it's a heavy title i know but i'd love it to be used somewhere, sometime, and i figure now is the time.

have a good week and best of luck with the assignments


Thursday, November 03, 2005


chris is here and i'm showing her how to blog. here is a link to steinberg software. and a picture as well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

and they're racing

it's melbourne cup day!

and i'm the only person in australia that couldn't care less. what a load of shit, fat drunk punters cheering on skinny emaciated jockeys whipping beautiful animals around a circular enclosure for the sake of winning a few lousy quid - GIVE ME A BREAK.

apart from that things are going well up here in beautiful maitland. we had a big cleanup day with the gardens at the gaol on wednesday this week as they had "cellar in the cells" over the weekend (unfortunately it rained all weekend) and everything needed a good spruce up. we are back there tomorrow to continue to get the gardens ready for the summer break, so i'll take photos of the work and turn them into a photostory next week.

talk soon

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

world wide domination for e-learning

well, not just yet, but i did have a call this morning from chris at the L2L program at charlstown near newcastle. she wants a lesson on photostory and the audio programs that enhance it, so i've got her comming up next thursday. the beauty of this little program is that it's sooooo! easy to use and it has so many possibilities for teachers and students alike.

at MYDU we are using this constantly, taking our camera everywhere we go, and the kids are just eating up the opportunities to take photos, load them into the computer and go to work making a story. of course, the studio is a big help with the audio and music, but this just polishes up the final product, any simple audio program that can record and save to wav. or mp3 (god help us all!) can be used.

i never thought i be touting for bill gates but this has been a fab tool for everyone at MYDU.

talk soon,

the photo is of our son jame's ( little jimmy) jack russell pup . i think it's maybe the closest to a grandchild the heads' will ever get.

i'm on a roll

forgot to mention

2 new dvd's

1. CREAM live at the royal albert hall may 2005........Absolutely unbelievable. 37 years down the track and they still play like there is no tomorrow and all without a safteynet. - jack, ginger and eric-you really are the kings.

2.HOWARD JONES 20th anniversary concert at the shepherds bush Lyceum. howie has a lot to answer for........boy bands with really naff synth lines, badly programmed drum machines and dodgy loops. but i can forgive him that because it's just a result of what he did back in 1984 (along with tom dolby), not what he did himself. what a concert, what a songwriter.

photostories 2

got a new idea for photostory that we started last week.

on friday one of the teachers drew a rough map of the area around MYDU- then we had the kids break into groups of two and search the area and locate the points of interest on the map. the maps came back filled up with information and over the next few weeks the small groups will be heading out again, this time with camera to photograph the stories, load them into the computer, set the photos up in photostory and write a script to go with each story. "son a lumier". everyone at the end of the year will get a cd or dvd of all the photostories we have compleated since august should be a hoot.

talk soon